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Maakies: Drinky Crow T-Shirt
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Maakies: Drinky Crow
Maakies: Bombs Away
Maakies: Ship
Maakies: Deer Season
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Maakies: Space
Maakies: Uncle Gabby in Toilet
Maakies: Guns
Maakies: Uncle Gabby in Car
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Maakies: Tugboat T-Shirt
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Maakies: Tugboat
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Maakies Drinky Crow
Tony Millonaire's Maakies
Maakies tshirts!
Tony Millionaire was born in Boston and grew up in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
He writes and draws the ongoing adventures of Sock Monkey, published by Dark Horse Comics since 1998.
He is the creator of the syndicated comic strip, MAAKIES, which has been collected by Fantagraphics,
who also published his graphic novel, Billy Hazelnuts.
His comic strip Maakies has been adapted to the small screen as THE DRINKY CROW SHOW
for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.


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Swimmers III: Nomi floats
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